Kampot, Cambodia 

With 1$ hammocks Kampot has become one of my favorite places in all Cambodia. 

Spending most days at the High Tide Hostel, home of the $1 hammocks. Wake up early in the morning, jump into the river, and order a 1$ coffee. Dry off fast and indulge in super large portions of amazing food. Double the price as market but you get more than double the portion! I  don’t think anywhere could beat this hostel ! Reserve ahead it does fill up ! 

There is a farm-like feel here. When I first came here I was greeted by a bunch of ducks, and about 5 dogs. And when I woke up in the morning in my hammock, there was a massive pig sleeping underneath me in the dirt! Seriously one of the biggest pigs I have ever seen!

To do 

Scooter is better if you want to go into the gorgeous nature reserve. The whole road is beautiful,  viewpoints, big Buddhas, immaculate temples high in the mountain. But don’t let anyone get you excited about the abandoned casino. It’s been remodeled and isn’t anything special. 

You can spend days visiting the caves, and waterfalls, and salt lakes, and pepper farms here in Kampot. 

This town is most we’ll known for having some of the finest cracked pepper, as well as the worlds best Durian fruit.

In the mountain you can also camp in designated areas! The mountain is much colder so do bring an extra jacket! Even if it is a hot day at the bottom! 

There are waterfalls with swimming holes as you follow up and down their river stream down the mountain. The water is fresh and aqua blue, and makes a midday hike quite doable when you run into a swimming hole every 5 minutes up the mountain! View at the top is worth the hot trek! 


Boat parties happen all the time. If your accommodation is in the water they will come by at least a few times a week to pick people up for sunset and DJ will start the party, and end with people jumping into the moonlit water from the second floor deck.


There are cute restaurants on the water, and the old bridge is lit up at night and is wonderful to walk or ride across. 

I don’t reccomend the night market it’s very small fair like trap, no good deals and overrated. There are some cheaper places to eat just outside of the night market. but I do reccomend the day market is huge and great selection. Straight on the main road / same as the big ( new) bridge. 

Avocado smoothies and morning glory seemed to fit the theme here as well. And for good reason! 


Scooters in town cost 4$ a day, can always talk about deals for more days. And bicycles are 1-3$, the town is flat till you get to nearby mountain for more adventure style traveling. For mountain trips you will need a scooter. Or a super awesome friend with a scooter! (love you Josh!)

Hitchhiking is always a fun option with friends!

Cambodia laundry 

Do laundry in the sink as much as you can. 

1kilo is 1$ at the laundry places

Couchsurfing usually can use machine or feel more comfortable getting it done in any sink or buckets there may be.