Medellin, Colombia

City of Eternal Spring

Enjoy the people of this innovative and growing city. This is an incredible place with unlimited opportunities.



+Metroplus bus system
+Metro cable
+ City bicycles
—->CIVIC PASS!!! Free!
-Only pay 2000COP (vs. avg 2300COP)
-Only get charged once when transferring from metro to metro plus (or visaversa)

-metered taxis start at 3000COP
-ten min drive usually ends up being 8 mil
-at airports and bus terminals I’ve found taxis to be negociable
– 99% horror stories only come from unmetered unofficial taxis

-illegal but usually a mill or few cheaper than taxis

-yes it’s safe, but use your intuition. If you feel unsafe, turn around or hop in a taxi. Use more caution at night time. Medellin prides itself on how much it’s been able to turn around its image but some streets and barrios are obviously better left unvisited.


*Poblado Hostels = Get Your Party On

*Abundance of hostels in Medellin

——————-Top Reccomendation ——————-

International House Medellin

(mas tranquilo)

usually the cheapest in all of Medellin at 16000COP but prices do change so double check! Awesome rooftop terrace with fully supplied kitchen ! 

*Around the corner from

-Sport Center (FREE!)

{pool/gym/basket ball/football/motocross/archery/yoga and aerobics classes! /More stuff I’m}

– Exito Supermarket

-Mom and Pop grocery shops


-Affordable local restaurants

-Metroplus esta in Fátima

***Fifteen min walk to***

unicentro mall


pueblito paisa

– calle 70

Thirty min walk to

-El Estadio (the stadium)



-Anything you need, you can buy here in Medellín

-Medellín is quite civilized so bring/buy a set of decent cloths

-City of Eternal Spring people… it’s fucking nice out.


*La Minnorista

-Farmers Market (warehouse/South American style)

*El Prado

-Estacion El Prado

-Under Metro Flea market, in the heart of central

-In front of Plaza Botero

-homie I got a pair of jeans for 4000COP and a bathing suit for 3000COP

*El Hueco


-streets full of cloths, crafts, electronics, food (or whatever you want)

-outdoor/indoor, street/mall

–>crazy beautiful mall spontaneously in the middle of El Hueco.

*Local Grocery Stores

-D1 is equivalent to dollar store grocery stores… expect that (no produce)

-Éxito is modern supermarket, prices are average

-local shops are affordably cheap

Tip for Central Medellin

*** DONT DAR PAPAYA, A.KA this is not the place to be showing off any valuables…


*COP=COlombian Pesos

-value to the American dollar is constantly changing so buy big ! Anything more than 3000COP is really good! Usually stays around 2800COP for every 1 dollar.


* Bakeries

* Bandeja Paisa

-Menú De Día

-Morcilla/rice blood sausage (imagine what you will, but it’s delicious!)

* Empanadas

*Arepas con queso

-fresh on the street practically fried with butter and stuffed with cheese. Then when served topped with MORE CHEESE and then sweet condense de milk ahhhhgggg cheese lovers beware!!!

* Fresh Fruit/Juices


-lime like fruit drink

*Churro (amazing dulce de leche filled sugar donuts)

No shame in eating a few of these a day. 500 pesos each. Can’t go wrong here when you travel with a sweet tooth !

Things to do


*Pueblita Paisa


-Party on the weekends in Parque Lleras or Parque Poblado (in the Touristy barrio of Poblado)


*Comuna Trece

-Urban Escalator


-Community Library




*Santa Domingo & San Javier Metro Station

*Parque Arvie Metro (5200COP extra)

*Plaza Botero

–> around this area there is a church where men drop off their prostitutes and immediately are able to confess their sins.

*Parque de los Luces

*Parque Río

-Parque Periodista

-Parque Lineal

-Botanical Garden of Medellin 

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*Free Walking Tour

– Real City Tours meets at estación Alpujarra 9am and 2pm gives a great 4 hour long FREE walking tour.

*Pablo Escobar Tours & Places

– many Pablo tours including paint balling at his mansion in Guatape. Best (I hear) is the one his actual brother leads. Both options a bit pricier..

where he died

where he almost died

where he caused a lot of other people to die

( yes when we talk about Pablo Escobar, we Talk about a lot of A death)