Chi Phat Eco Tourism Village

Get into the jungle! Two and a half hours from Sihanoukvile is the entrance to the Cadoman Jungle. Chi Phat is one of the rare untouched parts of Rainforest in all of Asia. 

Waterfalls and trekking through the untouched Rainforest. Believe it or not! Wild elephants still roam this land. As well as tigers, and other jungle wildlife. 

All the families in this village used to make money poaching in this jungle, now they are paid by the ecotourism project to protect the jungle from poachers and lumber companies. With all odds against them, have managed to do so. 

Therefore this is a great community to support. And great opportunity to go trekking in the jungle. 


Although it’s all for great cause, if 25-35 dollars is too much to spend for one night and two days jungle trek, you can just stay in the village and trek around on your own, stay at a home stay for 5$ a night. Waterfalls and butterfly’s are a short walk from the home stays, and surely there are lots of beautiful land to see. 

Getting there

You can contact the village website and arrange to get picked up, driving or boat ride from north or south. As well as arrange your home stay so they are prepared for you.

If you arrange for a jungle trek they will usually include picking you up in the price of the trek, which is nice ? 

Coming from Otres Village we rented scooters for 5$ a day and made out way up there ourselves, showing up with no reservations didn’t seem to be a problem at all. Although takes closer to 4 hours on scooter. 

The drive is long but nice, beware you are entering the mountains and jungle area so more out of no where rainstorms are likely to hit toward the evening. Be prepared for any weather.

When arriving to the village you have to cross a small body of water. There is a dock like ferry that will take you and your scooter across for 2k riel/ 50cents per scooter (not per person). Takes one minute to cross. 

Beware landmines 

Don’t be silly and try to go trekking anywhere in Cambodia off trails. That’s just stupid. Landmines are still being discovered all over, so make sure your on a safe trail, or area that has been professionally searched. 


I found slightly more expensive being a tourism village that kind of has you in a tight corner for options. 

6k-8k for rice or noodle plate (normally 2-4K at local markets) 

Jungle treks will include 3 wonderful home made local meals. I’ve read nothing but  wonderful and memorable things about the food they make during the treks. Overnight stays usually have campfire style BBQ with fresh catch of the day.