First ten dollars in Guatemala 

10 dollars at boarder with 6.8 exchange = 68 q 

Normal exchange rate is closer to 7.21  (Exact exchange rate is 7.24)

30q to get from El Salvador boarder to Guatemala City 

10 q to get from guatamala city to antigua

5 q for 4 chocolate bars

10q for shuco aka  seasoned bread with avocado sausage onion and sauces 

5q for 2 kilos of potatoes 

3q for two large red pepers

5q for 6 small avocados 

Let’s say I got exact exchange rate 

2 q for large onion. 

.5q for bunch of basil

2q for 5 limes

Some other prices I checked out…

Small pinnapple for 5q 

10q two slices of pizza and coke at street telepizza

On the Main Street can find platos económicos for 20q

25 nicer restaurants

35 for large portion in nice restaurant

But if you go deep into the market can find platos económicos (budget friendly meals) for 15q


At Capitan Toms Hostel it’s 40q.

With a great kitchen that includes absolutely everything you need to cook with. They have a huge selection of herbs spices and hot sauces that they welcome guests to use, even their home grown herbs on the terrace! 

On their terrace, you can watch the volcano El Fuego erupt through out the night. And enjoy great views of the city and surrounding mountains.  

Also free coffee WITH MILK !!! 

As well as purified water !