Antigua, Guatemala
The big markets are your saviors. But this is where we also have to start price checking. Gringos and travelers alike are going to be charged extra. Especially if you don’t speak Spanish, buses, food, anything that costs money is going to cost more for you my foreign friends. So here is the place to practice your bargaining skills and pay a third of what is originally asked most of the time.

Watch out for gringo taxes, price check, take your time. Barter.

Crafty pens are charged at 15q but I was offered as low as 5q for just one.
Shuttles are very often used by travelers who are told chicken buses don’t exist for where they want to go.
I got from Antigua to San Pedro for 35q altogether about 4 hours. Antigua to Chimaltanango for 5q. Then chimal to San Pedro for 30.
Pretty much any Tuktuk ride you want around San Pedro is 5q each person
Kayak seemed like great choice or horseback ride.
One of the highlights of this beautiful lake is the Indian face mountain. Fully equipped with tours and entrance fees lol.
There is a great market for eating or cooking cheap. I got super excited about 2 bean filled tortillas for just 1q! I got like 10..

Saturday is a big after party night that usually will carry on till Sunday morning. Normally it’s a pool party but in my stay here somebody died the weekend before I was going to go. Partying in Antigua is something of a strong travel culture here. People go cray cray homie, so nobody seems too surprised, still not sure how the death was caused. But word is already out that the party will continue non the ,esa at a different location.
Bars that are good and are open later than hostels, are white rabbit…. meh something rabbit. And café no sé, and also just because it’s funny I’ll throw in cafe por que no? Jaja

Always great live music around town or just on the street, music lovers will be enchanted by the artistic community here in Antigua.



My favorite hostel was Tropicana for the 20q beer and shot of tequila, and the spinning wheel that can land you a free beer or cheap shots. Or getting spanked, or skinny dipping in the pool, or strip tease on top of the bar, etc…. do the dare and you can keep spinning all night !
Also doozy kuala was a very popular Australian place that had great music and nice atmosphere
Vegamundo had my favorite hostal vibe, less gringos good music, 420goers, and seemed to always have very music
Wicho and Charlie’s hostel was compact, no space, no kitchen, nice bunk beds, nice big ass tv, cool they have hostel for you to not have to travel with your gear up volcano. But I went for the jacuzzi and that shit didn’t work the whole time I was there.

Prices fluctuate very much especially during high season. Sometimes cheaper in person than on internet, sometimes visa versa.


I stayed at capitán toms hostel that was super homie for me. Fully equipped kitchen, terrace you can see the volcano erupting practically every night.
And if you’ve been on the road for a long time, it’s a place unlike the average Antigua hostel in respect to that you feel a place that feels like home rather than just staying at a hostel. Not picky about checking in or out, always available for whatever you need; advice, explanations, good story’s, good company 🙂
With some of the rates in town. 40q and right next to the market ! Ten min walk away from Central Park.

Pasar de los años some days would get the lowest rates in town, 30q in my stay. But I had a horrible bed bug problem there, so I just can’t give it the best review other than has kitchen and is two blocks away from the Central Park.


There is a hilltop that you can hike up with a nice view and pretty cross on top. Short ten min walk for anyone to do. Or even drive or bike up too!