Carly Tambling, Budget Travel Enthusiast


Started traveling by accident, but now I just can’t stop đŸ™‚

It’s a passion of mine to get the best deals, and to live off of just a few dollars a day. The minimalistic yet rich life I have been living is something to share with others and that’s what I want to do here. Show and tell everyone who want to know that it’s possible to travel and even live cheap traveling the world



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Wordy Disclaimer;

Travel Errrrk…

This website is still under construction.
Being a first time web designer I’m learning slowly, but don’t want my slow process to hold back people from finding the best budget travel advice coming from my first hand experience.
Some posts will be perfect but most may be wordy and hard to navigate. Please leave comments or contact me if you see some thing I can improve on. Knowing people are actually looking at this site will motivate me to keep improving !

Most importantly if you are going somewhere or thinking about taking a trip and I have not posted anything about that country or specific area, feel free (encouraged even!) to ask me for any advice I may have!
There are many places I have been and not posted about. Also traveling has awarded me with many friends from all over the world, whom I’m lucky enough to be able to reach out to when needing any advice for most every part of the world. As a budget traveler community we like to promote and inform others of how easy it can be to travel when given the right advice đŸ˜‰
It’s been life changing experience and it gives me joy to promote this minimalistic joyous way of life. Finding yourself, and enlightening your life as well as others around you. It’s a journey of love and understanding that will open your mind and your heart in ways previously unimaginable.
“Pura Vida!” -Costa Rica