I’m glad I’m making a travel blog  

As a traveler, you can’t wait to share your experiences. But when trying to share them with your friends and family…. it’s just not their cup of tea. But when talking to other travelers you could not find a more engaged audience. And I fricking get off on it, this was my main motivation for writing down my experiences and travel tips. I know the excitement talking or even reading others travel blogs, about traveling. It’s exciting for me and I hope to share my excitement of traveling with others that will feel that same excitement. By reading how to save a dollar in Colombia or 30 cents in Nicaragua. Sorry friends and family, but you’ll never feel the same excitement reading my blogs.. not as much the girl in France who is about to go to Central America for 5 months with $500.


Quotes from friends 

” When you get rid of fear you make room for happiness “

French Canadian in Chiang Mai,