I’ve never had a “dream” really

Just ideas of maybes and possibilities. Best thing I’ve ever done is to take advantage of a given opportunity and stretch it out as much as I can. I do this with traveling and it is so freeing. Liberating knowing that by doing this I am living my life’s potential the best I can. And it has not failed me, by doing this my life has come together in ways I could have never of dreamed. Nothing but wonderful people and incredible places have entered my life since I’ve stepped out of what I once knew. Little jiffy here and there, and don’t get me wrong I love my family and my friends more than anything in this world, but when I’m home the feeling is too familiar. I want to inspire my friends and family. I want to show them that absolutely anything is possible. So that if any of them ever wanted to do something above and beyond the ordinary,  that I would be the first person they call to help them achieve any of their extraordinary ideas/goals/dreams.

I don’t just want to get by in life

I want to live life. It’s crazy to me that all those years saving my money, I always knew that when I got older I would know what to do with it. That I would need to to make myself happy, to buy a home, go to collage. I never pictured traveling with this money, but I never limited myself in what I could do with that money. Only that when the time came, I would know when I needed to use it. It’s fucking magical how this has all worked out. 

Although when I get home..

there are times I feel as tho I have changed to a point where I can’t connect with others… I feel annoying when I almost can’t stop myself from blabbing on about culture and the people and places I’ve seen this past year. So I find myself not entering many other conversations. This is my family shouldn’t I be able to talk about what I’m passionate about, isn’t what’s interesting to me interesting to them. 

I do believe that if somebody is passionate about something they will be engaging in their conversation. Speech class 101 homie, so why do I feel so annoying? 

I do get it though, I used to be the same way, I’d never considered even traveling to South America before this trip, never cared when others talked about travel. It’s a personal thing, and I should probably go with the flow a bit more not only physically but mentally as well. 

I love this blog

and I love that it is my outlet for expressing myself and talking about what I feel passionate about, but nothing compares to the excitement I feel personally sharing my advice and experiences with someone who has been the same places as me or who wants to go to these places, shoot anyone who has even heard of the places I’ve been.