Love it here
This is the town that you will stay in that is just outside of Semuc Champey. Very small pueblo but there are more than a few hostels and gorgeous hotels to choose from, or to price check your next tour with. 

Best vibes I’ve found in all Guatemala was in Lanquin, happy content people, and everyone knows each other. And was easy to bargain during low tourist season. But they will still charge any foreigners extra for anything.


El Muro Hostel was my favorite place to hang, great staff, and great place to relax with a mountain view and large lounge and bar area.

I was couch surfing during my time here and now see that there are actually hostels closer to Semuc Champey. According to hostel world Aruma Eco Hostel is very well priced, but keep in mind  you will probably have to pay for transportation in and out of there. might be worth it to spend a night in Lanquin


This is the entrance to Semuc Champey so expect tourist prices, but look out for local prices and portions.

If your not from the same pueblo$
If your not from the same country$$
If your a gringo $$$


Upon arrival there was a small crowd of men that tried to help me find my way. But just know ahead of time the town is very small and everything you need is a short walk away. If you wanted a more romantic or just more remote get away the tuk tuk drivers can take you to a hotel for free (the hotel will pay the tuk tuk as commission)

Semuc Champey is very easily accessible from town. You can start walking down the road to get to Semuc Champey and find someone to take you for the normal 20q. Or you can gather with everyone else on the backs of the trucks, in the center of the town where the morning market is held.

20q from Coban to lanquin
20q from lanquin to semuc champey
50q to enter semuc champey
125q from lanquin to Flores ( I bargained and got the same camión for 80q)

To Do

There is a mirador in Lanquin, if you are looking for a 1.5 hour extreme uphill hike, with a fire pit to make lunch at the top as well!
As well I’m sure there is tons more hiking options in the area of semuc champey and lanquin.
Coban is a transfer town that is not very pretty and not very safe.

Also the river is perfect to spend an hour or two floating down with a beer or sandwich.
Horseback riding is available as well, although I it would be a more expensive activity.

There are also guided hikes, and rafting adventures, as well as bat caves to visit.