I found that most hotels/bungalows you can get privet room and bathroom for 80,000kip (10$) and avg price of cheap dorms are 30,000 kip (4$). It high season can up to double that price.


there are sandwiches you can buy in the street for 10k kip and smoothies or meat on a stick for 5k. Sausage tasting was one of my favorite past times !
Fried banana or donuts can be found 1-2k kip as well !
Night markets are great but as always venture out more than a few blocks and see where locals are crowding around during dinner time, is best bet for laoasian experience and traditional food. Full meal usually avg 15-20k kip. Lao salad. Pad Lao. Always different depending on where you buy. Spring rolls always good, I found the fried to be better flavor inside.
Noodles 5k
Squid/chicken/sausage/beef/pork/feet/etc…..on a stick 5k
Green tea/Thai tea/iced drinks 5k
Lao coffee hot 5k
Iced coffee in bag 10k
Fruit smoothies 5-10k
Masala/chai tea also popular 5k
Spring rolls 4for 5k
Fish balls 5kJerky on bamboo 5k

Soup 10k
Foot long sand which 10k
Jeowl- 5k
Bag of sticky rice 5k
Jeowl- it’s like Laos style salsa with mint basil shallots green and red chili peppers (spicey) and garlic mashed together with either tomatoe/eggplant/mushroom/etc. use it as dipping sauce for sticky rice is delicious and fun to watch be made on the street
The fermented eggs in the soy sauce looking liquid are actually very good! Sweet and hard boiled, and pre peeled.
There is BBQ or dried version of squid, didn’t try the dry version but ask for spices when you order the squid for dipping sauce and small bits of cabbage and herbs makes for nice compliment.
Laab/larb/labb however you spell it . But this is probably my favorite Lao dish. Usually made with minced chicken or pork, but sometime is fish. Mixed with mint, lemon grass, basil, ginger, and don’t forget spices chilies!


 motor bike avg 40k kip plus about 60-70k to fill up the tank completely should last an entire day if not more of constantly riding your bike. , city bike 15k kip, mountain bike 25k kip. And as always, if you rent the bike or scooter longer time you can get better deal.

Get around

if you can get yourself to local bus station without taking a tuktuk, you will find pretty set prices on going town to town, but as always check with at least two other people on the bus how much they are paying. This is best way to get around, but although roads are better now, it is curvy ass road, and being that the scenery is beautiful a motor bike town to town seems like a great way to get around, especially if you have someone on the back to help you with gas.
Wouldn’t worry so much about mechanical problems because everyone knows how to work on the bikes and every village will have some sort of shed/shop with tools.