2018 New Years 3 hours with family three hours alone. One hour speaking. One hour writing. 

Speaking to you just after half walking into a bathroom with a very naked grown man passed out on the floor, the same grown man who has been stinking up every single floor, even two weeks ago when I was here. I’m now ready to reflect on this New Year’s night. 

After we got off our 3 1/2 hour van ride back to Vientiane, we went out for our amazing last meal together as a family for the next 6 months, at the best rated restaurant in town. Nico even said he was starting to fill up at the end of the meal. And if you know my brother that is huge given he is usually still hungry even after 3 full plates to the face. 

We walked just two blocks to make our way to the night market and heard a tad of good music. We walked in and listened to couple wonderful songs, and to my surprise it was my dad that first said we should go after the next song. Big surprise being that my dad was usually the one dragging us to see live music. We found a photo booth going what looked like the long way out. Took what I’m sure will be very cute pictures in front of the happy new year 2018 sign. And then to our surprise there was a super high energy band in pajamas with a female lead singer that was absolutely killing it on stage !

Tanya was in heaven, they were playing all the popular radio songs that Zack loved, and I…. iii felt happily surprised with a lump in my throat of how absolutely perfect this last hour I had with my family. I felt strongly to hold back and let it pass, but it just got stronger and stronger, and all the sudden tears were streaming down my face. Probably for a good half a song before my dad turned to say something to Nico, he noticed my face and pointed it out to the family. Tanya of course gave me a huge hug and then Zack came in to make it a group hug and then the family sang the we love you carly song (it ends in more than poo FYI). We ended the moment in a picture of me still crying lol.

My dad urged us to move on and then Nico made us buy something from a bakery so he could spend 10 minutes pooing. I told him we would, but of course I’m not going to get something after we alll just stuffed our faces with 6 plates of food and drinks. Lol I prentended for him, even went all the way to the cash register lol. 

We realized there was no night market and that it was probably time to go, as not to worry about the flight any more. I ran down the street to make a deal with a tuktuk, as they made sure they all had all their things together. I rode down the street in the tuktuk I had knocked 2.50$ off and they all piled their things in and after giving everyone a big huge… they got in and rode off as I grabbed tanya and zachs fingers and ran after them. 

And here starts my adventure in Asia. My 6 more months to fulfill with god knows what. Will I finish my community college credits for psych and business mgmnt ?or just psych? Or will I enjoy traveling too much and find there are too many places that I want to see while I’m still in Asia, still 23/24 years old, still happy. Will I get my TEFL and start teaching English ? Or will I just volunteer for some experience and teach off the bat like that, or will I find another volunteer opportunity that I find to be more passionate about, one that will help me make more connections?? Will I make more connections to what I hope will be a promising and fulfilling career one day. Something impossible sounding nowerdays, but will make sense in a more sustainable future (be there any). 

Once my family left

I unpacked my bag a bit and went to the downstairs porch to enjoy a New Years jiggy. Walking into the room on the second level, a man said to me that I did’t sleep in that room, and I responded that I liked his balcony with a door. (As my floor I’d have to crawl out the small window to enjoy a jiggy, and frankly I figured if I went to that floor maybe I could find a new friend. Fricking New Years I’m not going to enjoy a jiggy out on the porch alone.) I spoke to him about traveling, by myself, minimalism and how happy a lifestyle I’d found, and he loved it. He said god had sent me and he was meant to hear me tell him my story. He was specifically blown away by by 5$ a day plan. He said I was special and although I had to leave because he started to mention a couple times that I was beautiful and that was just my cue to leave, I did appreciate his appreciation for my perspective on life. He didn’t understand it, but I think he was inspired. In whatever way that may be. He talked a bit about acid coke and mdma, but he did make me feel special for a second, and it made me happy to see him smile when I talked about living cheaply and happily and learning how to love yourself and having the rare opportunity to get to know oneself. 

Emotionally drained and smoked, with a couple shots of what the other older Italian man gave me, I went out to enjoy the last hour of 2017. (Wifi was not working on my iPad I couldn’t even call my family to see if they got to the airport okay. Friggin WIKO phone I still don’t know what’s wrong with it.)

I wasn’t much fun but it was a site to see, and free one at that. Kind of depressingly I bought a bag of the cheapest cookies in the store and a giant water and went to see the concert. Walked through the middle and front to challenge myself. And sat by the fountain in between loud stages. And then 10 minutes before countdown I went back to the main crowd. Squeezed in like metro in Medellin during rush hour to the slums.

At countdown I got the most amazing videos of the last seconds, hundrededs of balloons being let go, and party poppers and giant fireworks. I stopped it perfect timing just to realize I didn’t hit record… 

Haha that’s okay, I can always look it up online. I had the memory of New Years alone in Vientiane. Like I said, I was emotionally drained and smoked, feeling crazy faced. Although I wanted to enjoy the fun packed night, ( and it could have been that had I not been….—>) I was unapproachable with my drained face and wouldn’t had been able to muster up a sociable conversation on a normal scale. 

So I went home and got my iPad out, talked to another Chinese guy about the concert before I went to change into pjs and found the same guy passed out naked in the bathroom.