The Route. Leon to Tegucigalpa 

The most common route is from Managua or Leon, to Tegucigalpa. 

The most common tourist route is using Ticabus bus company, which I believe is 25 dollars, or when I was in Leon my hostal (Las Vacaciones) had private shuttles for 40 dollars. 

But hey ain’t no fun unless your on a local bus in my opinion!

I read many warning about the hectic ness of the boarder crossing on the west side.  I was starting from Leon, which I highly recommend you do not pass up and make it a point to go volcano boarding. From Leon the most common route is to go to Somoto, this is basically a boarder town and one of the poorest cities in Nicaragua (so I was told to me by a local). Here you take another bus to the boarder, and at this boarder you will have many hagglers and in your face kind of hustlers. 

Being I was personally already a bit wound up about going to Honduras alone as a girl.. with an iPad lol I wanted to take the longer route. This route took me from Leon, to Esteli, to Ocotel, to the boarder, then finally to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

It was very cheap and although it was less direct and required hopping on and off of many buses. I enjoyed the experience and discovered areas that I never would have thought to visit, and now are places that hold some of my favorite memories in Nicaragua.  

Leon to Estelí 

I left from the Managua bus terminal which is the main terminal.. and 3 times a day their are express buses, 3pm is the last one. 

This is 80 cordobas 3 hour ride. You will arrive at the north terminal in Estelí.

From Estelí walk about 8 blocks toward the north bus terminal 

Take bus from Estelí to Ocotal. 

40 Córdoba 2 hour ride.

Here I recomendar you check what time it is and consider spending a night in this extreamley safe clean and enchanting town. Take a taxi to central and stay at a hospedaje for 150 for your own private room. 

Walk around at night with out a care in the world and try some more amazing food before leaving Nicaragua. Free wifi in many places throughout the town and very good wifi in the Central Park. The city is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and the bus ride there is impressive to sAy the least I was amazed at the pointy mountain green finca landscape, wat Hong farmers heard cattle and chop their crops with machetes. 

If this is useful at all the last bus from Ocotal back to Estelí is at 6pm. Maybe if you just want to check out the enchanting town of Ocotal for a day.

From Ocotal, take bus to los manos (the boarder town) 

15 cordobas one hour ride. 

Reach the boarder and pay necessary taxes and fees to leave and enter the countries. Weekends might cost more? 

From the boarder take local bus to El Paraíso

About half hour ride 

 There should be money exchange hustlers at the boarder. Check exchange rate but today it’s about 23.47 to the dollar. 

From El paraiso take bus to Tegucigalpa ! 

2.5 hour ride 83 Honduran pesos 

From this station there will be buses, most likely your hostal is located more in the central and next to the embassies where is is known to be a safe area.

Take the 50cent bus toward central and find your hostal from there !  

La Palmira hostel is the most common and most taxis know where it is. I got my taxi from the terminal to the hostel for 80, and honestly could have walked. Also many buses but wouldn’t know where to get off without 

Accomodation; Tegucigalpa

It’s 8.9 dollars a night, which is one of the most expensive places I’ve stayed in my travels. But being this is a very dangerous country, this hostel in particular is in a super safe (very rich) neighborhood, with tight 24 hour security. This was the first country I’ve entered with such active conflict so going by the advice of my mother, I played it safe. Here they offer free city tours, and family style dinners. They also offer free work out sessions at 5, yoga in the morning, and they take you out to the bars at night. Incredible view with two rooftop terraces couches hammocks (tent? Why tho idk!) fully equipped kitchen, 24 hour reception, comfy beds (change your sheets daily) and total hook up on every possible tour. Very cold showers but it’s basically everything you could ever ask for out of a hostel : )



Below were some of my thoughts and experiences during this route to Honduras. 

Estelí to Tegucigalpa No wifi….

Trying to get to Honduras but have no idea what’s there really…. nor do I know where I will go when I get there. I have to wear shorts because of my gash on my leg and it’s already 9 am and I’m sure by the time I get there it will be dark…. today I will be doing lots of asking around and goal is to beat sundown… 

Update: take your time to get there. Staying the night in Ocotel. 

Going to Honduras ?!

Was feeling bawlsie for quite some time thinking about my trip to Honduras and El Salvador. But my talk on the bus with a local guy from Estelí who agreed it was travelable, very casually also brought up the gang violence and how different it was from Nicaragua. I ended up staying the night in Ocotel  because I was nervous it was 12pm and I didn’t want for any reason to get to the capital city of Hunduras after sunset. Also because of my lack of wifi I had no idea where I’d be going. 

Looking at YouTube videos of everyone that recommended Honduras…..they were alll missionaries and volunteers with programs and security housing. Saying avoid urban cities, and here I am going to Tegucigalpa because it’s the only place I’m sure I can find a hospedaje on the east coast of Honduras. 


I had no idea where to go in más o menos each country I went to in Central America. And when It came time to cross the boarder to Honduras, murder capital of the world. I was getting nervous. And knew it wouldn’t be smart to just show up like I did in Nicaragua. So I typed Honduras into hostel world .com and up popped 4 cites. I decided because I want to,go,to El Salvador that I didn’t want to head to the east coast of Honduras and just spend a few nights in Tegucigalpa and see how I felt. 

Thank you hostel world for restoring my faith so that I can travel to the capital of Honduras. Review, pictures and reassuring I’d be safe, I just had to get thru the worry of taking my stuff through all the local buses and boarder. 

Getting bribe money in case of the worst case senerio, and hiding my most valuable things, such as my iPad in the most packed part of my backpack. I can do this ! 

P.S…Day dreaming of the food