Money-Basic Travel Tips

◦ Limit your debit/credit cards
◦ Bring cash
◦ Find best exchange rates

When you are just leaving home, unless you have an international bank account you will be using ATM (or western union if your getting money from someone else)
ATM has charges! That add up real fast when you are on a budget such as mine.
So reccomend bringing 500 dollars cash. More or less. The first month you will be more alert to keep valuables locked up. But you will save ATM fees that first month which will save you at least two weeks of dinner.
ATM charges 3-7$ on top of the avg 5$ that your bank will charge you. And usually 200$ limit but most of the time that depends on your bank limit.

You will find best money exchange in the big cities. Do some comparison and check online for your specific area where exchange rates are best. Dollars are always exchangeable. And even in smaller towns you will be able to exchange your dollars. Most every hotel or hostel will exchange money for you.
(As well as give you any advice on attractions, things to do, transportation, markets, laundry, wifi zones, tour packages, etc.. )

In case of emergency, I do recommend putting a limit on your daily withdraws.
If you do get robbed by the police or somebody on the street. It is known for them to bring you to the nearest ATM and make you withdraw as much money as possible.
Or if someone gets your credit or debit card and uses it to spend as much money as they can somehwherd that doesn’t require pin, is another good reason to put limit on your card before leaving. This is good to do even in your own home country.

I was introduced to this application called Thai baht exchange, this is specifically for thia money but I imagine are other applications for other countries similar to this one.
This allows me to compare banks exchange rates, as well as how to find these these banks near me.
Huge money saver for any money exchange

There are people that make a living off buying and selling foreign money, buy it when it’s low and sell it when it’s high. Easy but always includes risk.