Otres Village, Cambodia


On the south coast of Cambodia, on your way to visit the islands, this wonder-lust village will be gone soon seeing the way things are being taken over by Chinese construction quite rapidly. 


 Lost in Never Land is one of the last best things standing here on this two street village.

First off it has a kitchen. The dorms are treeforts. And the entire place makes you feel like you’re lost in Neverland. 

It’s 5$ a night, (can ask to sleep in hammock for 2$) that comes with free drinking water, free use of kitchen, and bed with mosquito net, and a free breakfast that includes two eggs and baguette, and coffee grounds or instant coffee that you can cook as you please throughout the day. (I like to buy potatoes and peppers and onions to add to my breakfast portions 🙂 

The Art Studio, has wonderful beautiful people always being creatively sparked. Art tools are always available for anyone that wants to pass thru, and events are common. ( such as drunk and paint night, when lots of people painted their entire bodies in colors 🙂 

Jumanji hostel you can sleep there for 3$ a night nice place 

House of wisdom is now run by a the most wonderful and talented fire spinners, I failed to see how much they will be charging ( because the first week they took over they just gave everyone free place to stay) but hammocks and dorms are available and I’m sure affordable

Some people have slept on the beach but I don’t like to mess with the Khmer guys here, nor the sand flies + mosquitos at night.


The food is all great here, but cheaper if you can buy your groceries in the town, ( the main market is wonderful In Sihanouk) but if you don’t have a ride you’ll save more money just getting groceries here.

3k pizza 

4K Nutella bombs

6k pizza

3$ falafel 

3$ burritos

3$ nice dishes 

5k, At the end of the Main Street take a right and there is a lady in the evening with local options in pots for 5k

4K “the best fried noodles” walking toward the beach on the left side of the road, small cart 

To do 

Kerfufful is an event every Wednesday that goes on till Friday morning if you want it to. For most people this is their main reason for coming to Otres. It’s kind of a jungle party, down a bumpy 1$ tuk tuk ride. Cost 5-10$ to enter before 5am, but you can join the party after that for free. Stay up all night or wake up early for sunrise. And things will last there till 10 am or so, then you can get a ride to the after party. Either at the boat house on the mountain, or Lost In Neverland. 

The entire town is full of events at different hostels throughout the day and evening. 

I came to Otres Village to see bio active plancton. And that is what I found late at night. Skinny dipping in the shallow warm water. Smooth white sand, hardly a rock or shell to be found. Other than the clams you can collect an inch below the surface to cook for dinner. 

The planctin was surreal if it’s something you’ve never seen before. 

Warning ⚠ 

I will say there are very small jellyfish in the water but is only a very small sting. Shouldn’t deter you from going in but just so you know what that small sting came from. 

What I do warn caution from is the SAND FLIES here in Cambodia are some of the worst ever. They will absolutely cover you in the most itchy painful bites. And they come out  mostly at night time when it gets cooler out. 

You will see people here and wonder if they have diseases because they are so covered in bites. 


The Village is small enough to get around everywhere on foot.

To get to any of the crazy parties, tuktuks collect people for $2 each (usually a set price).

On the main road you can get a bus if you have any shopping you want to get done in Sihanoukville. ( Yes that’s where the big market is! I highly recommend buying hammocks here. (padded with mosquito nets for $10)

Take a bus to get to the ferrie and then FYI to get to the islands it cost 20$ there and back on the ferry.