Mira flores

  • nice bars 
  • $$$
  • Paragliding off the coastal cliffs over moving highway ! $$70 

Central Lima 

  • parks
  • Incredible building 
  • Cat park “parque Kennedy” 
  • Souvenir daytime markets 
  • Museums (free sundays!) 
  • Water park ! With every night display of colorful story like water show
  • Cheap street food 
  • 1900 backpacker hostel, close to everything central Lima, super cool French style mansion. 


  • hippy town 
  • Gorgeous colorfully painted town 
  • Puente de suspiros, bridge you walk across with romantic ass vibes 
  • Amazing views of the city and water! 
  • Home of amazing beer and restaurants and hostels. 
  • The point hostel, my first introduction to party hostel, couldn’t have met more wonderful people, great volunteers and location, lots of recommendations and connections. Great bar and chill out areas. 


  • poor mans Galapagos, birds in numbers you can’t imagine. As well as sea lions and penguins, and passing there you will see desert glyphs, similar to the ones you may choose to see in nazca. 
  • There is some desert tour there as well… meh… I mean if you seem to find paracas more interesting than I did… that would be my next recommendation 

Huacafuckingchina aka huacachina

  • desert oasis
  • ….kinda nasty dirty oasis if you ask me. Not as pretty as in pictures but it’s the idea not the reality you go for. 
  • Partayyy 
  • Sand board
  • Sand buggy 
  • Sand campfires
  • Top of sand sunset views 


  • the white city
  • Big
  • Partay
  • Free walking tours 
  • Amazing Central plaza 
  • Hike the volcano in the highest altitude in all of Peru ! 


First things first 

  • there is a street full of fried chicken and fried rice and you need to go to that. 
  • Central town isn’t too wow 
  • But I fucking loved nazca. And here’s some more reasons why. 
  • It has the tallest sand dune in the world, and you can surf down that mother fucker. Incredible views of the Andes mountain range, short hike up mountain during sunrise, then make your way through the sand. Fun jokes and amazing pictures. Complete satisfaction. 
  • Air plane ride over the Nazca lines 300 soles (if you don’t know what that is, you must live under a rock, and you need to look it up because it’s fricking incredibly inexplainable and a trip to try to figure out) 
  • Mirador, can see full shapes of quite a few of the nazca desert glyphs. 3 soles
  • Rare Magnetic Energy Field 
  • Wait I’m sorry did you read the last one? Because nobody knows about this super incredible magnetic field right there in nazca! Scientifically really cool and spiritualistically incredibly amazing. There are scientific magnetic fields around the earth. And they rarely meet except for just a few rare spots on earth. So the rocks on a cold night outside of this marked magnetic energy spot, will be cold. But inside the marked circle will be warm. …. now spiritually this is where it gets to be cool. Take a picture with a really good camera and a person with good character (ejem energy) will have many colorful globes surrounding that person in the picture. Check it out and most of you will have the globes. But then take a picture with someone who doesn’t have good energy ( ejem bad character maybe) . And that person will not have any energy globes surrounding them. Nuts . But I love it. 
  • Nazca is super into astronomy, the astrology interactive museum (star gazing with high tech microscopes worth doing. ) will share some of nazcas perspective on what it has learned through the inca history and from what is now believed in today. 
  • Go hiking to one of the mountains for spectacular sunset or sun rises. There is one in particular locals go to for sun set with a rugged cross at the top of the hill. 
  • Ruins and other large compass lines are another spectacle, if your into the history, ideas and stories it’s still another thing to amaze you about this land and the natives. 
  • Other museums talking about inca history and culture as well as astrology and extraterrestrial ideas….and skulls… lots of wonderfully preserved skeletons. 
  • Aqueducts. This water system that the inca people made. Hundred of years ago. Is still providing fresh water to the desert people through out nazca. To this day you can dip your hands in and take a sip of the water that the inca people have gifted and provided for you and whoever comes. No idea why we don’t take more ideas from these guys. 
  • It’s calm quiet desert pueblo, many good people with positive energy. 


  • let’s go bananas hostel, aka banana hostel. taxi driver will know. 3 dollars a nights homie. Kitchen. 5 min walk into town. 
  • Party town, recommend everywhere. Guess I went to templo the most. 
  • Gateway to el pueblo Aguas calientes (which is gateway to macchu picchu) 
  • Sexy mama ruins ( haha really though, just ask) 
  • Do the free walking tours! Like all of them every day you’re there! Every guide is different and every tour talks about different things or history or perspective. Guides are super knowledgeable and can answer almost anything you want to talk about ! 
  • Don’t forget about neighboring pueblos around cusco. All worth checking out. 

Aguas calientes + the big M.P

  • mineral baths 
  • Butterfly park 
  • Cute lite up town catering to tourist 
  • Can buy entrance to M.P here (discount with international student card, save $20) 
  • Spend a few days here and hike MP or bus up to fully invest in all parts of M.P. You can literally spend days hiking to all the rarely visited places that most tourists don’t give themselves time to discover. I didn’t even know there was more than just the main area until I left. See the sun gates or if your up for it hike that one mountain to the right that people always cry at the top of ( out of exhaustion and pure beauty kind of cry lol) 

Getting there, find a bus with an extra seat and offer to fill it for the cheapest price possible. When the van drops you off , Walk the train tracks to aguas calientes, it’s a beautiful walk. Be super careful going through the tunnel. Time that shit and don’t take your time. 

Also fun fact drive to-from Cusco to aguas calientes is one of the top ten most dangerous in the world on discovery channel. Beware of rainy season. 

High season make sure you get your entrance ahead of time. There is a max limit to see M.P. 

No shortage of places to sleep in aguas calientes. 

Puerto mont 

  • jungle adventure time 
  • Buy cacao (pure chocolate) 
  • Not cheap, but so many guides and travel agencies, hustle and bargain away if you have the time! 

Go to lake titicaca 

  • I didn’t personally go
  • Floating pueblo
  • Underwater pueblo (Peruvian Atlantis yo) 
  • Fun name to say


  • ceviches, of all sorts
  • Platanos, of all sorts
  • Potatoes, of thousands of sorts
  • Chocolate, of deliciousness
  • Fried rice, everywhere 
  • Menú del día, money saver 
  • Pesto pasta
  • Fried chicken
  • Empañadas 
  • Ice cream! 

 Go outside of touristy areas even by just a few blocks 

  • crowded with locals=cheap
  • Menú del día = cheap
  • Todo incluye = cheap 
  • Don’t drink tap water 

Cheapest I found was 3 soles 

  • soup, juice, full plate of meat, rice, salad, and probably potatoes somewhere in there. 
  • Always salsa and limes available at every restaurant 

If you can cook, cook! Super markets and farmers markets are even more incredibly cheap! Amazon filled supermarkets, can’t get better than that! 


  • buses are cheap, hectic, and need to ask a million times to make sure your still going in the right direction. Avg 1 sole (15 min ride)
  •       Many night buses are always available, save on hostel 
  •       Negotiate with bus companies too! Love this part about Peru! See which company is cheapest and work from there! They want those seats filled! 
  • Taxis are cheap and negociable.  avg 10 sole (15 min ride)
  • Uber is also an option! 

Souvenirs heaven! Best prices and deals And bargains that I found in all my Latino travel has been in Peru ! 

Desert, sea, mountains, history, culture, etc Peru has it all and is an amazing country. A feast for the soul 🙂