Phnom Penh , Cambodia

This is an area of great historical significance for both Cambodia and the world.

To Do

The picture above is from the center park, that is in the middle of a roundabout. There is a temple at the top that they charge foreigners to enter. But there is not much checking to see if you paid, if any at all. There is security but they never asked me about walking around, or even going to the top of the temple. There are many monkeys waiting to be fed here as well.

If you wake up early enough before traffic starts moving, Monkeys go through the city while everyone is just waking up. They’re on the lookout for some breakfast, so be ready to guard or to give up your food when they come marching towards you.

Killing fields at the Chenong Ek genocide center 

As well as the genocide museum which is located at an old prison…

Both tell different but equally horrifying stories. 

Both cost three dollars and another three dollars for audio tour 

Cheap tip you can share audio your with one person if you bring your own headsets. Do wear appropriate clothes.


If you leave early you can bike 15 km to the genocide center, and not sure how much further to the old price. I was able to talk a Tuk Tuk into bringing us to the Killing Fields for $5 for me and my friend. Then we hitched our way back on the main road. 

To get around or out of the city, Or to get to the Airport there is a Blue Line Bus (Bus #3) most locals should know of this bus. As well are some other regular buses for the city

My friend and I were able to hitch a ride quite easily near the last bus stop on the blue line (#3bus)