Indonesian visa

Visa exempt freee 30 days , can’t extend

Visa 35$- extendable for free


Vietnam visa

if united state citizen need letter of approval ahead of time.

20$ at least two weeks ahead of time.

Or can pay extra for instant visa approval online

40$ 8 hours

can get it within 20 minutes for an even higher fee.

you won’t be allowed on the plane to Vietnam if you do not have this.

Then in the actual visa (VOA) which you can now obtain upon arrival (with your letter of approval.)

25$ visa

Tou also need a passport sized recent colored photo, if you don’t have this ahead of time….

2$ photo


Laos Visa

35 dollar U.S citizens

Also you need a passport sized recent photo in color, if you don’t get that ahead of time…

2-5$ Photo fee


Thailand Visa

30day free visa exempt entry

extend 30 days 1900 baht, about 60$

or if you are entering and know you want to spend 60 days, you can ask for the single entry tourist visa that cost 40$ (Cheapest)

2 land boarder entries allowed, unlimited air entry

90 days allowed each year. unless you get a work or study visa

do not refer to any visa information before 2015, it’s all changed.

Proof of onward travel

Listen “technically” any country you enter you need proof of onward travel. 

But I have nevvverrr been asked this, Mostly depends on the officer at immigration. I’m 90% sure you will not be asked about this. 

If they do assure them you are going to take bus to the nearest country by bus before your 30 day visa exempt pass expires.

 And worst comes to worst, if you really get an asshole officer that has nothing better to do. Which I seriously highly doubt this. And for some reason need actual proof of onward travel, go online and buy 2$ bus ticket from Thailand boarder to Cambodia. 

That’s worst case scenario. You’ll loose 2$ lol. 

Really doubt anyone is going to ask you.

Important Update.

Airports are stricter than I thought. Be ready to show proof of onward travel. Maybe even a Bank Statement!?

You can also go online and book a holding ticket. This will show that you have paid and have flight to next country. When really it is just reservation, and you do not have to buy actual ticket.