Step by step, bus by bus. Get closer and closer each time, and constantly confirm with your neighbors that your bus will further connect you to your destination to get to El Salvador. You can’t go wrong just asking next bus towards El Salvador.
(I find it best to keep moving rather than waiting for more direct buses sometimes. Get on to the next town by the time the next bus come see . Worst comes to worst same bus will pass you by in that same town. If another one doesn’t come before it.)

This is a day time trip as well so I found it easy to be sociable with most people I spoke to. Make fun with your day on this long local bus hopping day.

And as always there are more direct services that can get you to and from these cities as well… buhhhh bro did you notice this whole trip to get one country to another was like 6$ ???



tegucigalpa, honduras to cuco, el salvador. By local bus.
(from palmira hostel.)


wait at the circle k  across from burger king for the bus that will say “tiloarque”


from there make friends or ask bus driver to drop you off at the terminal for ” la blanquita” bus 73 to jicaro galan.
this bus will be going to the town of Choluteca for..

130 lempieras.

you can go all the way there and do a bit of back tracking, or get off at the intersection, in the direction of the town of “nacaome” rather than “chiluteca”.
the intersection is called “Jicaro Galan”.ask to be dropped off there and wait and ask for buses that will be passin by for “la frotera” de El Salvador. This is your ultimate destination in El Salvador!
This boarder town is called “El Amatilo”
and bam weve made it to the boarder ! from amatillo take bus to santa marta or one dollar, yes use dollar here 500 lempiars for 20 dollar exchange at the boarder(I only asked once this time)
then from santa marta take a bus to san miguel and youll end up at the terminal of san miguel.
if you get to san miguel early enough i highly reccomend getting lunch and street food here. figure out prices and try what el salvado has to offer !
from san miguel take bud directly to cuco, beach is a short walk from the town.
i started at 10 am an got to cuco at 7. most of the traffic was on a one way road with construction in honduras, so i wouldnt count on that technically in car could have made this drive in 3 hours.
i got to town and everyone went to la canela. i decided to walk around and ask who wanted to give me a room for 6 instead of what seemed to be the price in the town of 10.

first place i asked we agreed on 6 dollars for my private room with a hammock in it. yes its not the nicest but i got shower bathroom and the whole hotel to myself. “estrella del mar” its called. no advertising on the internet or maps. just a sign… well banner infrint if a hotel that has the name. just around the coner at the end if the street full of restaurants selling plates or 4 dollars, i found a place selling pupusas 3 for a dollar. the drink was 75 cents.
i will say the door of my room was impossible to open and asked for help each time. second time the dueña couldnt open it either. so he gave me the key to the back door, which still wasnt super easy to open but at least it worked better lol.


My morning in Cuco, El Salvador

we agreed 10 am for checkout (did i mention how silly drunk this guy wa when i found him? in a friendly way not in any bad way just funny lol)
but there was no sheet on my bed so I got eaten alive my the mosquitos in the room. moving to the hammock in the room for a couple hours betwen 2-4 then finally (mind you it was really hot) putting on a sweater and sweats to protect from the mosquitos.
in morning I apologized for sleeping in till noon. and he made no fuss of at all. without a care let me leave my stuff in the room for another 2 hours fo me to checkmout the beach and grab some breakfast.
loved this small town, but i had no problem leaving after seeig all the town and good portion of the each within 2 hours.
got two bannas for

25 cents

for breakfast rather than plate of chicken with yukka and salad for 2 dollars.
waitin to find some cheap sea food!
on the

one dollar bus

to san miguel at 1Pm i got a small bag of fried yukka with cabbage and small pinches of hot salsa and salt in seperate plastics in the bag.
made some foil dolls for the kids, this bus both times was filled with women and children. melting my heart because the kids are just so damn cute! And chickens, always chickens.