Tegucigalpa, Honduras 

 Awesome city center with gorgeous churches and the building in the Parque central. Seems to be the place for city events, when I passed by there was a metal head clown and stage getting ready for a concert. 

Street full of street vendors and street food in visible site from here as well with typical food being; fried yucca, small fried tacos with potato 5 for 20 lempiras with best cabbage and salsa on top, grilled steak or chorizo sausage seemed to be the most popular, fried chicken and French fries of course, and lots of more American fast food such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. I saw a lot of chicken, fast food, and even more Mexican food restaurants here but prices were average between 40-80 lempiras maybe between 1.80-3 dollars for average street food.

Torta 45 lempiras 

Tostada or taco 15 lempiras … 

Best bang for the buck I found was 60 lempiras for a large plate of 4 sausages, 4 corn tortilla, side of refried beans, salad and tomato salsa salad. Then it was 10 lempiras for a fresh bag of juice. Piña, guayaba, carrot, passion fruit, orange juice… soooo gooooood. This was the street food all the locals were going to and was 15 minute walk from the city center. 

I personally felt safe coming from the safest area in town to the area with street food. The vendors did not try to rip us off or even over price us. And no unwanted soliciting even walking through the markets vendors are not pushy and happy to answer any questions. 

Outskirts of Tegucigalpa

There are three small towns within an hour bus ride, that families and locals love to go to to get outside of the city and enjoy a more tranquilo vibe 

Sant Lucia 

Santa Domingo 

And Valle de Angeles

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Also there is a cloud Forrest (Think it was La Tigra or El Picacho Park)

These are all worth checking out, just try to spend time finding someone who is already going, or stay at a hostel closer by and see if you can’t go yourself. Many locals take trips here for the weekend or holidays to get out of the city. 

Not many foreign tourist here and tour prices aren’t the best out of Tegucigalpa… although I do usually like to spend more time asking around, my short time here has landed me in a pan amazing hostel with double pillows and clean changed sheets everyday, full kitchen and incredible terrace with view. Hammocks, couches, tv and great wifi in the safest neighborhood in Tegucigalpa. But now that I’m more comfortable here and don’t feel threatened, if anything have felt quite welcomed and am constantly getting recommendations of where I need to see while I’m here. I want to leave this safe house and get a richer taste of Honduras. 

The prices here in Tegucigalpa are more than they will be outside of the city. Which is strange for me because usually in the heart of the main cities you can find the best deals… but this isn’t seeming to be true as I am in Honduras and the cheapest plate I could find was closer to 2.5 dollars while I’m trying to stay in my budget range of under two dollars, goal being one dollar for good sized plate of food. Feel more like I’m in panama with the large selection of fast and express food. 

Honduras also has the famous Copa Ruins that are supposed to be spectacular with colorful Moscow Parrots flying all over the site, as well as monkeys and other wildlife in the surrounding Forrest. 

Beaches and islands on the west coast are the most touristy places to go, and more adventure things lined up for us to do. 

There is also a lake that is supposed to be beautiful and a friend who passed some time there said they had such a great time in the nearby town with the scenery of mountains and hanging out with friendly locals they didn’t even get a chance to see the lake. I love this. So I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to check that side of Honduras out.