Udon Thani

Suprisingly nice for what I thought was just a transport town! 
My first night in the Oldie Sleepie Hostel was great super clean great pillow and blanket.There is a rooftop area where you can do yoga, or mui thai with the owner=) The owner was very nice, and very flexable, as well as wonderful in inviting his guests to join his daily routine with his friends.  The downstairs is a coffee shop with a lounge area with free coffee all day.

I made way too strong of a cup and stayed up till 3 am trying to work out my word press website and finally after months of driving myself crazy even trying to read codes… I reach out to my uncle Scotty for help and he tells me how crazy I was for trying to edit my website from an iPad…. apparently I need to use actual computer… grrr.

Amazing enough my couchsurfing host today litterally gave me his laptop to use while I’m here! He picked me up from the hostel on his motor bike and I offered to buy lunch any where he liked. We ended up at a Vietnamese restaurant and we split a 170baht dish and 30 baht water…. that’s almost 7$ so I was sweating a bit but still that’s how much my hostel last night cost so it was ok. But then he didn’t even let me pay for it. And in the way home he asks if I want to see something else, and takes me to what he says is the best coffee spot. I get the cheapest thing being iced green tea, and offer to buy his drink. It was 130 baht, and he wouldn’t let me pay for that either! We stoped by the market and he did let my buy a giant bag of at least a dozen pineapple for 60baht.

After the coffee we dropped bags off at his lovely home, and I recommend going to nearby park to watch the sunset. The park is beautiful and I love the tranquility it brings me. Temples more Chinese style are different enough to stimulate my eyes. Takes 15 minutes to walk around the lake and he recommends going to the Thai Chinese culture center. Was very interesting! And whole area beautiful. It was darker by the time we got out so we go to an exceptional night market with incredible variety of food and cloths and things lol. I bought catfish fried dinner 50baht each. And later he saw my face smelling the Belgium waffles and he buys me one! He ate no more than a quarter! Great night amazing host.

Markets here have the best variety and quality that I’ve seen yet. Above options are from 20-40 baht.

And the parks are gorgeous clean, family friendly. Most surround a large lake and are full of playgrounds and exercise areas. Also very popular dancer size groups encourage it everyone to join the either small or large (your choice because there will be multiple groups like this around the park)
Food vendors set up adorable picnic areas and you can get a coconut milk ice cream or ice cream sandwich for 5baht. Dairy free and naturally made love that.

Daytime is quieter but as soon as 5pm hits, the weather cools down and the parks and streets will fill with joggers and vendors alike.

VIP buses from udon Thani to chiang mai

About 750’baht.
But homie get this! 545baht for express bus, get ticket ahead of time but there are multiple times a day you can leave. Reclinable seats with foot recline thing too, large windows, bathroom, and they give you a blanket, small water, orange juice, and cookies! Two story very clean bus with air conditioning yet perfect temperature! Tvs as well every six isles probably more for day time. And I am super amazed how much leg space I have ! Like there is a good two feet of leg space here, and I’ve just never seen that, nor imagined especially in Asia ! This is super nice. Wow