Vientiane, Laos


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-Buddha park highlight (6k to get there on bus, and 5k to enter. Cameras cost extra 3k kip to take nice photos, 8-5pm daily). This is a place just to take pictures… not much to walk around as the park is small.

-Walk along the great Mekong River for sunset, with views of Thailand just across the way.

-Night market souvenirs and giant food section along Mekong river
Temples weren’t astounding

-If there is any local concert or festival check it out!

-***Cope visitor center is free and very informative, giving lots of history about the most bombed country in history. Thanks USA. Avg 1 person a day dies or is injured by unexploded bombs. Over 20000 have been affected, half of which have been children, and 25% of Laos villages are still being affected nearby the bus station to get to the Buddha park too. 

-Cooking classes are a favorite of mine in if you can afford it!


Funky monkey hostel is bare minimum but a dollar cheaper than the backpacker garden hostel. Garden hostel has wayyyy nicer area to hang out and chill with super nice reception area and family style seating. Funky monkey is just one block away from night market and Mekong, while garden hostel is 15 min walk.


Street food at the edges of the market I think are the best options, and throughout the day near the bus terminal there are cheap deals on snacks as well. Other than the range of sweet and meaty sausages, I can’t say I found Laos filled with many choices of food. But look hard and you might try somthing new you like! 




Lots of undercover police will bust you ! 

They look like young adults just hanging out with friends but that’s how they get you! They can show up at any time but specifically in Vientiane and more specifically along the Mekong where people think it’s okay to get away with things. They can even plant things on you, just don’t give them any reason to screw you over. 

They will charge you as much as they can! Even drive you to nearest ATM and make you withdraw all you got! 

They can’t do anything without evidence. If you do get caught, try to destroy any evidence by scattering it about.

I was with a man who scattered an entire … piece of evidence.. while attempting to walk away from the three policemen hasseling him, at the end there was nothing to hold against him.

I have another friend that was with someone that had a joint, and although his friend got away, and he didn’t have anything illegal. He was brought to a ATM and the police forced him to take out as much money as he could ($500)…. In that kind of situation, especially if you don’t have anything illegal. BE STRONG, that is not a legal procedure and you need to let them know that you know that is not right. 

This is a big reason why it is important to make limits on your banking account. 


Vientiane has a main bus terminal, and buses from and to the city center are frequent. Don’t let the tuktuk drivers convince you otherwise!

At the bus station, each ticket window is for a specific bus, and will have the prices posted.